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Restaurant Manager
Full Time
1 applicant
posted over 8 years ago

Job Description

Summary Daily supervision and direction of outlet service staff. Assist in the development, implementation and maintenance of quality standards for outlets. Interact with guests to ensure a positive guest experience.

Essential Functions •Ensure that meals are being served in a professional and timely manner by circulating within the outlet and communicating with the kitchen and the order takers. Handle guest complaints. Monitor and supervise set up and maintenance of room service area to ensure that it is up to standard.

• Ensure availability of manpower, supplies and equipment to ensure a positive guest experience. Assist in hiring, scheduling, payroll, supervision and control of cashiers, supervisors, greeters, servers and bus attendants.

• Schedule pre-meal meetings and conduct ongoing training of employees to ensure that employees continue to improve their performance.

• Complete reports on production and necessary requisitions.

• Assist in regulation of distribution of necessary supplies.

• Follow training schedule as implemented.

• Conduct hands on “show and tell” training on a daily basis.