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Senior Crew Member
Full Time
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posted over 8 years ago

Job Description

Reports to General Manager, required to work with all employees in all work areas.

The Senior Crew Member is responsible for opening and/or closing the store and ensuring that proper store procedures and policies are followed when store management is not on duty or unavailable in the store. The Senior Crew Member will at times supervise employees and oversee deliveries, guest services and other operational functions in the absence of store management.

Essential Responsibilities:
  • Open and close the store following proper procedures documented in the opening and closing checklist to ensure optimal security at all times and to prevent damage and theft
  • Ensure that doors are opened and/or locked and alarms are set correctly
  • Confirm that deliveries are correctly filled, invoices signed, product quality and quantity checked and discrepancies are reconciled and cleared by management
  • Communicate with staff members in a professional manner.
  • Bring poor performance and/or disciplinary issues, injuries and accidents to the attention of management as quickly as reasonably possible, but not longer than 24 hours from incident.
  • Remain current on all company policies and ensures that all policies, standards and procedures are maintained and followed in a consistent manner
  • Stay current and up-to-date on all store systems
  • Must defend the store keys 24/7, because Senior Crew Members also know the security code for the alarm, it's important that the code and store keys are never kept in the same place. This means that even if someone steals the building keys, it will only represent a partial security breach since the potential thief would still have to get past the alarm system.
  • Be available to reset the alarm system, Senior Crew Members are usually entrusted as emergency contacts for local police that monitors the property. In the occasion of an alarm activation or suspected security violation, may be called upon to go to the store to deactivate the alarm and ensure that the store is safe, before locking up once again.
  • Respond appropriately to customer issues- resolve guest complaints or comments
  • Assist customers in the ordering process with suggestive selling through pick-up, delivery or catering
  • Staff is expected to rotate and work in each of the different work areas as directed.
  • Excellent customer service; greeting customer, taking orders.
  • Complete prep assignments as outlined on “prep instruction lists” as directed by management.
  • Follow recipes for all food products; no deviations.
  • Rotate all food products using the “first-in first out” system; adhere to the Company’s food safety policy and Board of Health regulations.
  • Ensure all work areas are clean and sanitary; includes cleaning all equipment, prep tables and mopping floors.
  • Store unused food storage containers in a sanitary and organized manner.
  • Assist other staff members as needed to improve productivity.
  • High school diploma, GED or High School Equivalence Certificate.
  • A minimum of six (6) months of previous food service experience.