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Who will drive? This dilemma often arises when going out for an evening with friend and family. Everyone wants to go out, but no one wants to be the chauffeur for his or her group. When it is time to go home, the driver must then decide whether they are ok to drive, or if they want to leave their car over night in a location they are not comfortable with. No one should have to make this decision. It was with this in mind that 321-RIDE was founded in June of 2007.

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Job Description

321-RIDE is a professional chauffeur service that operates 7 nights a week When clients are out and have a few drinks they call 321-RIDE and a chauffeur is dispatched to drive the client home in the client's vehicle. We are currently looking for a few additional contractors as chauffeurs and dispatchers. This is an on call position where you are dispatched from your home. We are looking for Independent Contractors that would like 2-4 shifts per week, on call times are from 8:30pm to 3:00am for shifts you work. 
Contractors that work 3-4 shifts per week are earning between $400-$800 per month. The more the contractor works the more money they make! With the evening and weekend hours, being a 321-RIDE contractor is a flexible position and is truly complimentary to your full time job.

No prior chauffeur experience necessary.

Qualified candidates must be able to demonstrate the following: 

1. Be able to properly drive/operate manual shift vehicles (With recent experience). 
2. Own and maintain a presentable vehicle in good running order 
3. Own a text capable phone with a texting plan already set up 
4. Be email and internet proficient 
5. Have strong phone/ customer service skills and enjoy small talk 
6. Clean driving record (limited minor traffic violations may be acceptable) 
7. Have a clean criminal record
8. Live within 12 miles of Downtown Cincinnati 
9. Be highly motivated and easy going 

Thank you for your interest.

Jon Amster