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BGR The Burger Joint

It all goes back to the long days of summer, growing up just outside Philadelphia where each Sunday the entire neighborhood would gather for a block party of sorts. As a child, there was nothing better than Mr. Kaufman's burgers. Philip Kaufman was a butcher and he owned the only prime beef butcher shop in the area. He definitely knew his food. You could smell his burgers cooking over the grill for blocks. All the kids lined up, waiting to get their hands on the first one.

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Job Description

At The Burger Joint we believe a successful restaurant has to have more than just great food. It has to have a "vibe", a "personality", a "passion". The Burger Joint"s success is a combination of our menu, our customers, and our staff. We love good food! We serve only the freshest, high-quality food prepared to order for our customers. But we don't stop there. Inside our restaurants you will find album covers on the walls, mosaic-tiled tables that inspire creativity, and lively music playing that'll make you want to dance. This is truly a different burger concept and it's all for the enjoyment of our customers. Our employees are the other piece to our success. Through the energy in our restaurants and by the way we've positioned ourselves in the burger industry, we attract only the best employees. Our team is made up of smart, talented, energetic individuals who share a passion for serving people. Oh yea, it just so happens they love our food too! We are always looking for great additions to our team.