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Let’s make one thing clear: your privacy is extremely important. That’s exactly why we built ArmorText. If you care about your mobile privacy and the privacy of others, then we want you. Gryphn is bringing together a team of passionate, brilliant folks who care about privacy, building great technology, and protecting others. While ArmorText is a great start, it’s only a small part of our long-term development plan. We plan to forever change the experience folks have with security and privacy in their mobile lives. We’re looking for individuals who think outside the box and want to be part of our team. If you are truly interested in making an impact on a growing business and protecting the privacy and security of others, then you should apply for one of our exciting positions.

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posted about 8 years ago

Job Description

So we just started reading an “Idiot’s Guide to Building an Amazing Product” and what do you know it claims the whole reason every product Steve Jobs ever touched was gold was because he focused on user experience. That so non-obvious truth blew our minds! We also just learned most security products use really complex interfaces that no one can understand, they’re difficult to operate, use obtuse language to convey simple concepts, and they take you through multiple steps to accomplish simple tasks, most of which aren’t even needed. We always thought that’s what people wanted. Of course now we know better and we’ve decided mobile privacy should be simplified! We’re committed to making ArmorText, and every other product we ever make, so simple and intuitive to use, Grandma and Grandpa can use it without calling for help. So if complex interfaces that were obviously designed by horribly maniacal sadomasochists get you going… please don’t waste our time or yours. (Oh, and please seek help!) If simple, clean, intuitive interfaces and processes obviously designed by someone who has a lot of compassion and empathy for his or her users are your thing, we’re looking for an email from you! Benefits: •Hanging out with Navroop, Aaron, Bobby, and Christine as much as you want •Seeing how an early stage startup that has just raised money accelerates itself •Opportunity to attend social/entrepreneurial events around the DC-MD-VA area as our guests (we get red-carpet treatment) •A stylish Gryphn t-shirt (no joke, at our last event people were signing up on a waiting list for them… now tell us which other startup can claim that) •For those already of age, an opportunity to sample from the founders’ Scotch stash (there’ll probably also be beer, sodas, and a lot of water too) •Fun events such as bowling, putt-putt, happy hours, etc. •References for future internships and jobs