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posted almost 8 years ago

Job Description

• Culinary Coordinator (592) Salary Range: approx $2,500; Employment Dates: June 3- August 17, 2012; Minimum age: 21 (Driver’s License Preferred); Prerequisites: Previous culinary experience/comfort level preferred. Supervised by: Asst. Camp Director; Supervises: Culinary Assistants (1-5). Position Description: The Culinary Coordinator has full responsibility for all aspects of the Food Service Program at camp. This includes menu planning, food preparation, supervision of culinary team, supply ordering, facility maintenance, compliance with all aspects of health and safety for food service. The Culinary Coordinator is responsible for providing healthy, child friendly and unique meals in a family style setting, planning alternate menus for special diets and providing a high quality vegetarian option at all times. The Culinary team is also responsible for accurately “packing out” supplies and equipment for cook-out experiences and trip and travel experiences.