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Aquatics Counselor
Full Time
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posted almost 8 years ago

Job Description

Salary Range: approx $2,000; Employment Dates: June 6- August 17, 2012; Minimum age: 18; Prerequisites: Waterfront Lifeguard Certification Required. Ability to supervise and instruct programs in swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing. Supervised by: Aquatics Coordinator. Position Description: The Aquatics Counselor will be responsible for ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality programming are met in both pool and open water environments. In the absence of the Aquatics Coordinator, the Aquatics Counselor must have the ability to instruct and supervise staff and campers in the areas of kayaking and sailing and must be willing to gain a comfort level in operating motorboats. The ability to rig and sail small Sunfish, and Laser is necessary. Experience with slightly larger Sloop-rigged boats is preferred