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posted almost 8 years ago

Job Description

Salary Range: approx $2,000; Employment Dates: June 6- August 17, 2012; Minimum age: 18; Prerequisites: None; supervised by: Asst. Camp Director. Position Description: Arguably the “Heart and Soul of Camp,” Counselors play a vital role in creating an empowering and enthusiastic camp culture! Unit Counselors will be working throughout the season with a variety of groups and ages in both Resident and Day Camp combinations. Always challenging and rewarding, a Counselor’s primary focus at all times is on the girls. Counselors provide a unique blend of instruction, friendship, leadership and wackiness found only in the magic of camp. Counselors are responsible for creating a high-quality camp experience, highlighting the individuality of each camper. Be prepared to teach exciting lessons in archery, play games in the pool, explain and demonstrate new skills, and to sing wildly at the top of your lungs.