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PF Changs Cooks
Full Time
1 applicant
posted over 8 years ago

Job Description

Our culinary team is the backbone of our operation. We can't treat our guests to an amazing experience if we don't have talented culinary professionals running the kitchen. Our concept is culinary-driven. You will work with the freshest ingredients, the cleanest kitchens, top of the line equipment, and standards of operation that are unmatched in our industry. It's a pride thing - when you are asked by friends and family, "hey, where do you work?", you can answer proudly, "I work at P.F. Chang's". We are currently looking for culinary professionals to join our team. If you are looking for an opportunity to join an adrenaline-packed environment, gain traditional wok and Asian inspired cooking techniques, experience the environment of a team of culinary professionals focused on pleasing every guest with culinary magic, and growing your career with a successful concept, then we hope to hear from you.